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Surfaces tiles is a tile retailer in the U.K, based in London the company is committed to providing you with high-quality tiles at unbeatable prices. We are a reliable, customer- focused brand that has become a household name in the UK tile industry, with an unmatched record of exceptional customer experience, quality products and competitive rates. As an online leading tiles supplier.
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“The approach Webyant took for our project was refreshingly innovative. The team not only embraced this new direction but also demonstrated remarkable responsiveness throughout the process. The outcome, our website, stands as a testament to their dedication and expertise. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team for their instrumental role in crafting this truly spectacular website.”

Shreya Onwer, Surfaces Tiles

Finding the right tile retailer can be a time-consuming and tedious process for buyers, sellers and renters, as they have to visit multiple Real Estate agents or websites to find the right match. This is where the client saw an opportunity to create a custom solution that addresses this problem.

The client with 20+ years of Tiles expertise wanted to build a platform that integrated multiple platforms to provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for customers that will allow them to search and find tiles in one place, thus making the process of buying, selling or renting tiles much easier and efficient.

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